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Why Work with Us

More and more organizations are recognizing that they don't have the resources or expertise needed to oversee the increasingly complex risks associated with managing a DB pension plan or contributing to retirement security for individuals. We do.

Brookfield Annuity has deep expertise in the pension and retirement sectors, a commitment to accountability and a comprehensive understanding of both how group annuity solutions can be used to reduce or remove risk from a balance sheet, and how individual life annuities can play a key role in retirement planning and security.

We were established to provide clients and policy members with effective, dependable annuity solutions. Our experienced team is backed by an exceptionally strong financial foundation and partnerships with some of the world’s best investment and pension administration organizations.

Mission, Vision & Values


To make it easier for pension plans of all sizes to de-risk, through an inventive, enterprising approach to annuity solutions that will allow our clients to concentrate on building their businesses while still meeting their pension obligations. 


To build and become the leading specialist firm in the pension risk transfer market, as proven by the experience of our clients and our policy members.



We always consider the long-term impact of our decisions and acknowledge our responsibility to “do the right thing” in our relationships with clients, with policy members, with communities and with each other.


To get the most out of our talent and energy, and to leverage the best thinking in our sector, we work as a team, collaborating internally with our colleagues and externally with clients, peers and other partners. 


We are focused on annuities and pension de-risking, and are committed to building upon and leveraging that expertise in order to put risk in the right place.


We are open-minded and nimble; we seek out partnerships and look for opportunities to get deals done by delivering enterprising and practical solutions to tough problems.