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Pension De-risking

Keep the defined benefit promise and reduce balance sheet risk with a group annuity solution.

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Annuities for Associations

Our expertise in pensions and retirement security, combined with the asset management capabilities and financial strength of our partners, can now be accessed by our group annuity and association clients.

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Why Work with Us

Our unique focus, unsurpassed expertise and strong financial foundation make Brookfield Annuity your ideal partner for corporate pension de-risking and individual annuities available through our association clients.

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Proven Team

Our service to clients and policy members is backed by in-house expertise and best-in-class partners.

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Services for Members

24/7 service and support for our policy members.

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Statutory Discharge – A Step Forward in Pension Risk Transfer

The dramatic reduction in risk for pension plan members and pension plan sponsors is a defining feature of group annuities, whether the arrangement is a buy-in or a buy-out. In July 2018, the government of Ontario further enhanced the value of buy-out transactions covering Ontario-based pension plan members through new statutory discharge provisions in the Ontario Pension Benefits Act (PBA). After meeting certain conditions, single-employer pension plans that purchase a group annuity – one that fulfills specific requirements to deliver benefits for former or retired members – will receive a full statutory discharge from the obligation to pay a pension to those members.


Brookfield Annuity announces new Chief Executive Officer
December 05, 2023